Writing – from concept to conclusion

I write content for all types of print and electronic publications.

If you need words, I can craft them. Strong words. Plain words. Persuasive words. Instructive words. Explanatory words. Creative words. Words of whimsy. Whatever words you need, I can help you to craft them.

I can take your idea fragment and turn it into a publication, complete with initial research, concept development, successive drafts, review by subject-matter experts, review by audience representatives, publication design, and production.

My writing experience includes annual reports, books, booklets, brochures, business cases, case studies, community education materials, fact sheets, fundraising letters, guidelines, literature reviews, media releases, plans, posters, proposals, promotional materials, reports, stories, style guides, websites, and more.

Writing is a lot like cooking: they’re both crafts that can be learned and that improve with practice. Both involve recipes and guidelines that are useful for learners but are creatively broken by masters.