I host a monthly Shut Up & Write (or Edit) group on Brisbane’s northside (in Newmarket).

We meet on the fourth Saturday of each month for an afternoon of quiet writing.

Special announcement

If you’re planning to attend GenreCon in November 2019, you can get discounted tickets and discounted membership to Queensland Writers Centre if you’re a member of Shut Up & Write.

  • Information about this special offer.
  • Join the Shut Up & Write group.
  • To register for GenreCon and join QWC in one transaction, call Sophie on 07 3842 9922 to ask for your Shut Up & Write discount.
  • If you purchase GenreCon tickets online, use the code qwc_group_4149 to get your discount (but remember that I may be asked to confirm you’re a Shut Up & Write member, so join Shut Up & Write first!).

More about the group

Any type of writing is relevant for this group: you can work on your thesis, marketing copy, novel, poetry, business plan, or whatever writing project is occupying your mind right now. We operate with pomodoro rules – 25 minutes of quiet writing or editing, followed by a 10-minute networking break. You can use the networking time to meet other writers and seek answers to your writing problems.

Entry is by donation ($5 recommended), to cover venue costs.

The group is organised through Meetup.

At Shut Up & Write we practise social solitude. We write quietly and independently, all working on our own projects.