My general workplace writing training uses publicly available documents to teach top techniques for successful writing at work.

Through a combination of writing activities and group discussion, you’ll learn how to think about writing from the perspective of readers. You’ll learn how to develop your key message, write to deadline, and consistently produce quality text.

My training helps participants to slow down and think about how they write. In slowing down, they become more efficient and effective writers.

I offer three, half-day general writing courses:

  1. Writing documents that readers will want to read. This workshop focuses on top techniques for writing. You’ll learn how to focus on readers, beat writers’ block, structure ideas, and question the success of your documents.
  2. Writing paragraphs and sentences that make sense. This workshop focuses on the nitty gritty of writing. You’ll learn about coherent paragraphs, clear and simple sentences, ways to attack wordiness, and plain English approaches to complex ideas.
  3. Editing tight and writing right. This workshop is for people who understand the basics of good writing but want strategies to improve their editing and attention to detail. You’ll learn how to edit in cycles, cut word length, proofread with care, and give constructive feedback.