Through research and facilitation, I provide spaces for people to discuss issues and develop new ideas. I am an enabler of conversation who asks questions, encourages comparisons, guides processes, and crafts messages.

I use qualitative methods to examine the complexity of people’s experiences. I seek to explore what matters to people, understand how and why they make decisions, and think about ways people make sense of the world.

I design research and conversational processes that are appropriate in context and flexible in design. I work in a way that is rigorous, robust, respectful, and ethical. My reporting is independent, thorough, and clear.

People are experts in their own lives. It’s a researcher’s job to help them articulate that expertise in a way that expands understanding.

I can help with:

  • Research planning, implementation, and reporting
  • Focus groups and group interviews
  • Individual interviews, whether conversational or structured
  • Community forums, deliberative conversations, and citizens’ juries
  • Literature reviews
  • Research reports for academic audiences, journal publication, business audiences, and lay audiences
  • Specific types of research, such as usability, communication planning and testing, citizen engagement, and evaluation.

As a researcher and facilitator, I can:

  • Facilitate large and small meetings, workshops, conferences, retreats, and events
  • Develop programs and techniques that maximise participant interest and involvement
  • Evaluate workshops and events to ensure that participants’ needs and organisational needs are met
  • Develop events that are meaningful, positive, engaging, and authentic
  • Develop an environment that is open, welcoming, and respectful.