I can help you develop your writing skills and improve your writing confidence. Through individual coaching, I can work with you to understand your:

  • Writing processes – so you can write to deadline, produce quality text, and defeat writers’ block forever
  • Writing practice – to build your skills in communicating key messages and achieving clear outcomes through writing
  • Writing style – to develop your tone, content, and accuracy.

Through writing coaching and mentoring, I can help you use writing to achieve the outcomes you seek.

In most cases, I give feedback designed to help you decide what further work is needed on a document. As a writing coach, I am not your editor. Instead, I ask questions, provide strategies, and leave the rewriting work to you. I can work with you through several iterations of a document, until you’re satisfied with the final version.

I provide open, questioning feedback that encourages writers to review their work in context rather than simply incorporate my editorial suggestions.