I’m a newcomer to writing fiction.

I’m currently working (slowly) on a novel set in rural Wales in the 1930s and 1940s, based on the life of my grandmother.

In 2019, I’m entering Furious Fiction regularly. This competition, hosted by the Australian Writers’ Centre, requires a 500-word short story, written in under 55 hours, and meeting specific guidelines.I’m using the competition to examine my fiction-writing processes. My goal is to write something reasonable in the shortest time possible.

So far I’ve learned that the stories come most quickly if:

  • I decide on setting and style, then let the content emerge as I write
  • I write to my attention span – that is, I write in multiple short sessions of about 10 to 15 minutes
  • I write until the story seems finished, without worrying about word count.

January Furious Fiction entry: Desert Rose Dessert

February Furious Fiction entry: Keepers of Memory

March Furious Fiction entry: Road Trip

April Furious Fiction entry: Entering Wonderland

May Furious Fiction entry: A Modern Celt

June Furious Fiction entry: Perilous Pink

July Furious Fiction entry: Rhythm of the Train

October Furious Fiction entry: The Novelist