Release date: January 2020

Have you ever had the cafe dream? To leave your stressful career behind and be your own boss? To spend your days playing host, enjoying endless cups of coffee, and meeting new people, just like one big, happy, coffee-loving family?

A surprising number of people, from all walks of life, aspire to own a cafe and live the dream. But what happens when they wake up and discover reality?

In Newbies in the Cafe, I examine the pros and cons of cafe ownership in Australia and share the lessons I learned from my own experience.

Newbies in the Cafe includes 11 case studies from cafe newbies, facts about business plans and financial targets, and comprehensive, practical advice for anyone who is considering starting or buying a cafe. It’s the book I wish I’d had in 2016, before I opened The Letter Lounge Cafe & Gifts.