The premise of Background Briefing: Fibre to the premises is unlikely

I enjoyed the Background Briefing report this morning on the history and status of the NBN (ABC Radio National).

But, no matter how many times I shouted at the radio, the presenter and his various interviewees (including people in senior positions at NBN Co) continued to discuss issues around connecting fibre/copper to the ‘premise’.

So, at the risk of being irritating with my repetition, here’s the relevant definition:

  • Premise: a previous statement from which another is inferred; an underlying assumption. The word ‘premise’ has nothing to do with property.
  • Premises: a house or building, together with its land and outbuildings (until recently, the term was used in an official context only, such as title deeds – where it meant the ‘aforementioned property that this document is about’). The word ‘premises’ sounds plural and has both a plural and singular meaning.

NBN should be connected to my premises. That connection has nothing to do with any premise or other aspect of logical argument. Oh, and that connection should be soon, please!

You’ll find the Background Briefing program at: