Pesky danglers: Multiple meanings

I’ve got a thing for sentence danglers. They’re good for a little laugh and help to keep me focused on the multiple meanings that can lurk within sentences.

Here’s one I found today, of the pronoun variety, thanks to TransLink:

I’m pleased that, if I register my ‘go card’, my card’s balance will be safe – even if that balance is lost or stolen. But why would my balance be stolen, and not the card?

Yes, I know that they’re referring to my ‘go card’ being lost or stolen, and I know that most readers will understand what they mean. But for me this is a little example of sloppy writing that could so easily be fixed.

Why not write:
‘Register your ‘go card’ and your balance will always remain safe, even if your card is lost or stolen.’

A simple little change, and no ambiguity.